Undergraduate Studentship Award Information

Annual awards to support undergraduate research in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology include:

  • NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRAs)
  • Science Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Awards
  • Work-Learn International Undergraduate Research Awards

Each award provides a stipend of at least $6,076 for 16-weeks of full-time work in the summer, for independent research in microbiology and immunology under the supervision of a UBC faculty member.  

Students in the past have benefited from these programs by gaining hands-on research experience as well as the opportunity to interact with our students, staff, and faculty members.



  • NSERC USRAs are available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents pursuing undergraduate studies.  Details regarding eligibility and frequently asked questions can be found on the NSERC website (www.nserc.ca). Please note that no student may hold more than 3 USRAs in a lifetime.
  • SURE Awards are available to all students registered at UBC-V as BSc students.
  • Work-Learn International Undergraduate Research Awards are dedicated to international undergraduate students as they are not eligible for NSERC USRAs.  Students must be UBC-V BSc students on a study permit.
  • Applicants should be in very good academic standing (grade point average over ~ 80%).


Labs holding NSERC USRA summer studentships in 2018

  • Gold - (position filled)
  • Kronstad - (position filled)
  • Haney - (position filled)
  • Mohn
  • Eltis
  • Murphy

Labs holding SURE award summer studentships in 2018

  • Thompson
  • Finlay
  • Horwitz
  • Hancock - (position filled)
  • Abraham
  • Hirst

Labs holding Work-Learn International Studentship Awards in 2018

  • Fernandez


How to Apply

To apply for awards email Craig Kornak (ckornak@mail.ubc.ca):

  1. A formal letter of interest addressed to the faculty member whose lab you would like to work in.  The letter should discuss your academic background (including your major and previous lab experience), your availability for 16-weeks of full-time employment, your eligibility for awards described above, and your interest(s) in the faculty member’s research. 
  2. Files need to be named using the following format: MI-ZZZZ17-YYYY, where ZZZZ is the faculty member's name and YYYY is your surname. For example MI-Gaynor17-Smith
  3. A copy of your college and university transcript(s). (For UBC students a screenshot of your unofficial course marks is sufficient).
  • Deadline (extended) for applications: 5pm PST, Thursday15th February 2018.
  • You may apply to more than one faculty member but separate letters must be submitted.
  • Please submit your letter(s) in PDF format.
  • Faculty members will contact applicants directly for interviews.

Visit the Department of Microbiology and Immunology webpage for information about ongoing research in our department: www.microbiology.ubc.ca


Please feel free to contact:

Dr. David Oliver

Instructor and Undergraduate Studentship Coordinator