The BIOT honours program has an obligatory co-operative education component. The MBIM honours and the MBIM major programs allow an optional co-operative education component. In each program, the co-operative education component integrates academic study with related and supervised, relevant, paid work experience by sequentially combining four four-month periods of work with four four-month periods of study. The BIOT program requires co-op terms in the last three years of the program. The MBIM programs allow co-op terms in the last two years of the programs. Admission to the BIOT program co-op is automatic when students are admitted to the BIOT program. Admission to the co-op program in Microbiology and Immunology offered as an option for the MBIM programs is by application to the Science Co-op Office in February of second year (interested students that miss the deadline will be considered if they apply before the available positions are confirmed). Selection will be based on previous academic performance, communication abilities, and interpersonal skills, as assessed by a submitted resume and an interview. Admissibility to one of the third-year Microbiology and Immunology (MBIM) programs is a prerequisite for admission to the co-op option. For more information about co-op, please contact the Science Co-op Education Office.