Let's Talk EDI

Let's Talk EDI

"Let's Talk EDI" is an inclusive space for all MBIM trainees (Postdocs, Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students) to celebrate diversity in our department, and discuss their experiences and hopes for the future.

The EDI group plans events a few times a year and consists of members:

Maria Tokuyama, Assistant Professor, maria.tokuyama@ubc.ca
W. Austin Guild, PhD Student (Tokuyama lab), austin24@student.ubc.ca
Laryssa Vachon, Communications Coordinator, laryssa.vachon@ubc.ca
Nawshin Alim, PhD Student, MIGSS EDI Representative, ntbalim@student.ubc.ca


EDI Holiday Celebration - December 6, 2022


National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - September 26, 2022


Celebrate Pride - June 16, 2022