Career Building & Opportunities

Networking and Outreach

We encourage all students to network and connect. By creating a lasting relationship, you can accelerate your career or find assistance with career building. Additionally, you can create a student profile for others to see on this website.



Mitacs - A national organization builds partnerships between academia and industry within Canada.

Let's Talk Science - Engage and excite youth about science.


Attending conferences all over the world is a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments in your field of research from colleagues as well as present your work to other researchers. Links to some conferences of interest to microbiologists and immunologists can be found below:

Keystone Symposia

Nature Immunology Conferences

Canadian Society for Immunologists

The American Association of Immunologists

Canadian Society for Microbiologists

American Society for Microbiologists

Canadian Association for Graduate Studies

Gordon Research Conferences

Job Opportunities

Graduate school is an excellent time to hone your skills and interests. During your degree program we encourage you to continue to explore available jobs, review the skill sets that are requested and think about your transferable skills.

Jobs in Life Sciences BC.

Possible jobs available through the Government of Canada.

UBC has a career website and a student services website.