Funding Supplements

I. The Dmitry Apel Memorial Scholarship (established 2013)

This scholarship honors the memory of Dr. Dmitry Apel, a PhD student in Dr. Erin Gaynor’s lab who passed away in 2013.  The goal of this scholarship, as per Dmitry’s wishes, is to have a significant financial impact on the lives of Microbiology & Immunology graduate students who share Dmitry’s love of pure science and the search for scientific knowledge for its own sake. The primary aim of this $5,000 award is to reduce the stress of financial concerns on deserving graduate students, thereby improving their quality of life so that they may pursue their research without distraction. The award is intended for senior graduate students (e.g. 3rd year and above) in the Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology who have demonstrated a strong commitment to scientific research and who also have demonstrable financial need.  

Calls for applications will be sent to eligible Microbiology & Immunology graduate students and their supervisors in December of each year, with a January 16, 2021 deadline for submitting applications.  Awards will be announced on or around April 29, Dmitry’s birthday.