Conroy, Brigid

Master of Science
Dr. Michael Murphy
Sudbury, Ontario
Investigating the function of a bacterial protein involved in antibiotic resistance
I am using structural and biophysical techniques to investigate a protein from an opportunistic pathogen that has recently been shown to enhance its antibiotic resistance. This protein is thought to work by binding to several different classes of antibiotics outside of the bacterial cell, reducing their effective concentration. I am interested in studying how these antibiotics bind to the protein and what other functions it serves for the bacterium. Ultimately, this protein may prove to be a good target for the development of inhibitors to combat antibiotic resistance in this bacterium.
The campus and city really are as beautiful as everyone says! I am constantly impressed by the number of events, concerts, and activities going on at UBC and in Vancouver.
Having lived in smaller cities in Ontario my entire life, I was excited to study in a big city and get a change of pace. Vancouver is an amazing place to live and UBC has excellent research opportunities. Combined, these features made graduate school at UBC the obvious choice!

I was first exposed to a research while working as a laboratory summer student during my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry. I found that I really enjoyed the challenge of designing experiments and analyzing results to answer research questions. I also loved the collaborative, supportive lab environment. I wanted to explore and prepare myself for careers in research, so I applied for graduate school at UBC.

Playing the piano has always been relaxing for me. I was hesitant to invest in a small electric piano upon moving to Vancouver, but it was well worth it!
I would recommend building a support system that includes other grad students as well as friends or family who are not involved in research. Other grad students who understand the specific challenges and rewards of research will be incredibly helpful in supporting you through your graduate degree. On the other hand, outside perspectives will keep you from feeling that your research is all-consuming! There is so much support available for you at UBC.