Silva, Jessica

Doctor of Philosophy
Dr. Kenneth Harder
Vilamoura, Portugal
Patrolling monocytes and their role in cancer metastasis and tumour immunotherapies
In the Harder Lab, we currently study the role of phagocytes in cancer development. My research focuses on a recently discovered subset termed patrolling monocytes, and their role in diminishing tumour metastasis to the lungs, as well as augmenting tumour checkpoint blockade therapy. At homeostasis, patrolling monocytes have been implicated in the maintenance of vascular integrity, but their roles in diseases, such as cancer, remain to be further elucidated.

Throughout my education, I always enjoyed science and during my undergraduate I was keen to complete my Bachelors of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology. I knew I wanted to further pursue my studies in Immunology to one day become a scientist myself.