What supervisors look for in a student:

“Students with relevant research experience, strong interest in the research area of the group, good communication skills, and the ability to work in a team.”

- Dr. Michael Murphy

"I look for enthusiasm and the drive to succeed."

- Dr. Robert Hancock

"Scientific curiosity, highly motivated, and eager to learn."

- Dr. Pauline Johnson

"Students who have strong motivation, are mature, have good hands, and are smart."

- Dr. Ninan Abraham

"Enthusiastic, ambitious, hard-working, independent thinking, adventurous..."

- Dr. Marc Horwitz

"Outstanding all around, with a love of science."

- Dr. Brett Finlay

"Graduate students should be self-motivated and fearless."

- Dr. James Kronstad


What students should consider when choosing a lab:

Faculty web pages aren’t always up to date. Review their recent publications to discover some current research projects.

  • Clarify a supervisor’s expectations to see if a lab is the right fit for you. Students often develop close mentoring relationships with their supervisors and it is important to have good communication from the start.
  • Speak with Graduate students in their lab! Communicating with current graduate students is invaluable. M&I graduate students are very welcoming and friendly and can help you obtain a better sense of the lab, UBC, and Vancouver.
  • MSc vs PhD? Explore your degree program interests. Many students that plan on doing a PhD begin in the MSc program