Grand Challenges Canada: Dr. Santiago Ramon

“With funding and support, Grand Challenges Canada will enable Canadian and developing-world scientists to introduce innovation and solve persistent global health problems. Grand Challenges Canada is committed to unlocking the potential of developing-world scientists – working with their Canadian counterparts to tackle health challenges and contribute to lasting solutions.”

Dr. Santiago Ramon is a Canadian Rising Star in Global Health

Centre for Tuberculosis Research (CTBR) researcher, Dr. Santiago Ramon, created a two minute video to call attention to TB and visually explain his synergistic approach to treating TB. Videos from researchers across Canada were viewable on the Grand Challenges Canada website for voting as part of the rigorous review process. Santiago was awarded one of nineteen $100,000 Canadian Rising Stars in Global Health grants.

Santiago obtained his Ph.D. degree at the University of Zaragoza in Spain. He also trained in Italy at the Universities of Pavia and Padova. His doctoral studies focused on the characterization of several intrinsic drug resistance systems in mycobacteria. Always concerned with the growing global problem of drug resistant strains of tuberculosis (TB), for which available therapies are very limited, he moved to UBC as a post-doctoral fellow to develop a TB drug discovery program. Santiago’s current research focuses on the development of new therapies to treat TB. He initiated a systematic screening approach, which uses libraries of antibiotics and drugs already approved for human use, to find new more effective TB drug combinations. Because these drugs have known pharmacological and safety profiles, any newly identified combination could be rapidly evaluated in clinical trials, saving time and money in the drug development process.

Download Santiago’s most current publication “Syngerist Drug Combinations for Tuberculosis Therapy Identified by a Novel High-Throughput Screen” in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy here.

Grand Challenges Canada is a unique and independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of people in developing countries through innovation. The Canadian Rising Stars in Global Health program’s goal is to support the development of exceptional emerging Canadian scientists in global health who have the potential to be world leaders in global health. More information about Grand Challenges Canada is available on their website:

Canadian Rising Stars in Global Heath Round 2 is now open. More information available here.