Stefanie Vogt , Brett Eyford, Lisa Reynolds, and Ashley Hilchie awarded 2015 MSFHR Research Trainee - Post-Doctoral Fellowship Awards

Congratulations to the following Postdoctoral fellows: 

Dr. Stefanie Vogt (Finlay lab)

Stefanie completed her Ph.D. at the University of Alberta in 2013 and now working in Dr. Brett Finlay lab.

Project title: "Characterizing the interactions between attaching and effacing pathogens and the gastrointestinal microbiota"


Dr. Brett Eyford (Jefferies lab)

Brett completed his Ph.D. at the University of Victoria with Terry Pearson and now working in Dr. Wilf Jefferies lab.

Project title: "Assessment of melanotransferrin as an Alzheimer's disease biomarker".  Brett's fellowship is a joint award between the MSFHR and the Pacific Alzheimer's Research Foundation.  


Dr. Lisa Reynolds (Finlay lab)

Lisa currently works in the laboratory of Dr. Brett Finlay at UBC, where she studies interactions between the bacterial microbiota and the mammalian immune system in the context of allergic or infectious disease models.  She completed her PhD in 2012 in the laboratory of Professor Rick Maizels at the University of Edinburgh, UK, on the topic of how the bacterial microbiota influences the immune response to parasitic helminth infections.

Project title: "The key bacterial species and mechanisms by which they modulate allergic disease development"


Dr. Ashley Hilchie (Hancock lab)