Dr. Ali Tehrani receives Alumni Builder Award



ALUMNIUBC is marking its 100th year with alumni UBC 100, a year-long celebration of the power of UBC’s global alumni community.

The Alumni Builder Awards were established as part of alumni UBC 100, to recognize alumni who have made important contributions to the success of UBC and the larger community. UBC units were invited to nominate alumni for this award.

it is our pleasure to honor an alumnus or our department, Dr. Ali Tehrani with the Alumni Builders Award. This award recognizes his service to the Faculty of Science and his many contributions to the biotech industry both locally and globally.

Ali completed both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Biochemistry at the University of Massachusetts, and then did his PhD with Dr. Tom Beatty in our Department. While completing his PhD he co-founded the Student Biotechnology Network. After completing his PhD, Ali co-founded Zymeworks, which is now one of the largest biotech companies in Vancouver. He’s been a member of their board of directors since the Company’s inception in 2003 and he is currently the President & Chief Executive Officer of Zymeworks. Congratulations to Ali!