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Publications: Michael Gold's Publications
Twitter: @MikeGoldVan

Lab #: 604-822-3401

Office #: 604-822-4070
Office: Room 3501, 2350 Health Sciences Mall, Life Sciences Centre



Associated Departments

Research Groups

  • Infection, Immunity, and Inflammation
  • Cancer Therapy

Research Interests 

The lab focuses on understanding cell signaling, morphology, trafficking, and effector function of immune cells and tumour cells. We focus on the small GTPase Rap1 which has been shown to regulate many of these biological processes. Our latest work focuses on the the interplay between receptor signaling and cytoskeletal dynamics.

  • The role of the Rap GTPases in controlling the trafficking and activation of B-lymphocytes
  • Regulation and function of marginal zone B cells
  • The role of the Rap GTPases in tumor cell motility and tumour metastasis
    (Collaborative project with Dr. Cal Roskelley)