Welcome to the Gold Lab in the LSC

Where we are:

The Gold lab is a member of the Immunology and Microbiology Department at the University of British Columbia located in the Life Sciences Centre, Vancouver BC.

What we do:

The lab focuses on understanding cell signaling, morphology, trafficking, and effector function of immune cells and tumour cells.  We focus on the small GTPase Rap1 which has been shown to regulate many of these biological processes. Our latest work focuses on the the interplay between receptor signaling and cytoskeletal dynamics.  For more detailed information about our research projects, click here.

How to contact us

Our address is:

UBC Life Sciences Centre, Room 3440
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
2350 Health Sciences Mall 
Vancouver BC
V6T 1Z3

Lab Phone: 604-822-3401

Lab hall way.

Please feel free to browse our publications, meet our lab members and learn about our current research.