Hallam Lab - Principal Investigator


Leopold Leadership Fellow


Lab Website: https://hallam.microbiology.ubc.ca
Publications: Steven Hallam's Publications

Lab Tel: 604-827-4216
Lab Rm #: 2520 - 2350 Health Sciences Mall, Life Sciences Centre

Office Tel: 604-827-3420
Office Rm #: 2553/2554 - 2350 Health Sciences Mall, Life Sciences Centre


Associated Departments

Research Groups

  • Microbiome
  • Microbial Ecology, Diversity, and Geochemistry

Research Interests

Beyond the limits of our senses exists an incredibly diverse microbial world. This microcosmos [pdf] extends into virtually every imaginable habitat, thrives under powerful extremes, and helps create and sustain the ecological and biogeochemical conditions for life on Earth. Just as cellular complexity arises through networks of genes, proteins, and metabolites interacting across multiple hierarchical levels, so ecological and biogeochemical phenotypes arise from interactions between microbial community members. In the Hallam Lab, we work at the interface of microbial ecology, biological engineering, and bioinformatics to explore the microcosmos, determining microbial community structure and function across a wide range of natural and engineered environments with an eye toward converting basic science insights into biotechnology innovations.

Biofactorial High-Throughout Biology Facility

The Biofactorial High-Throughput Biology Facility is located in the Life Sciences Institute situated on the University of British Columbia’s Vancouver campus.


What We Do: Many of biology’s unanswered questions require the use of large multifactorial experiments that are only solvable using some type of automation system, or require extreme miniaturization due to the exorbitant costs of essential reagents. The High Throughput Biology Facility, Biofactorial, addresses several of the current gaps in automation infrastructure within academia and small to mid-size enterprises (SME’s) and is meant to provide researchers inside and outside UBC with access to automation to enable greater scientific insight at new economies of scale. Biofactorial is a member of the Global Biofoundries Alliance (GBA) and promotes adoption of common standards and open science initiatives.  If you’re interested in using the facility or want to know more about automation systems, let us know! Contact us