Harder Lab - Lab Members

Lab/Research Staff

Dr. Danielle Krebs, Research Associate 

Interests: Immunotherapy, cancer research, hiking, jogging, tennis, reading

Fun fact: Lived in Melbourne Australia for 8 years





Graduate Students

Jessica Silva, PhD Candidate

Interests: Tennis, backpacking, hiking, dogs & kitty cats

Fun fact: Still love to hike, but broke my two front teeth at the Chief

Research: Patrolling monocytes, Lyn tyrosine kinase, vascular diseases





Abishek Wadhwa, PhD Student

Interests: Hiking, poetry, chess, event organization

Fun fact: Meg Ryan once asked me for gum

Research: mRNA vaccines, cancer immunotherapy, proteogenomics





Ashina Nagra, PhD Student

Interests: Immunotherapy, gene editing, travelling, team sports and golf, plane spotting

Fun fact: I was almost attacked by a pack of wild dogs in Southeast Asia

Research: Nonclassical monocytes, tyrosine kinase signaling, immunotherapies




Abhinandan Ranganathan, MSc Student

Interests: Cosmology, tennis, MCU and whatever thing that captures my fancy that month

Fun fact: Clinically hyperactive

Research: Role of cytokines in cancer, immunotherapy, gut immunology




Undergraduate Students:  

Parneet Sekhon

Parsa Tabassi