Tocheva Lab- Principal Investigator

Elitza Tocheva

Assistant Professor

Lab Website:
Publications: Elitza Tocheva's Publications

Lab #: 604-822-6982
Office #: 604-822-0073

History: PhD in Microbiology & Immunology at UBC, Postdoctoral Studies at Caltech

Office: Room 2509, 2350 Health Sciences Mall, Life Sciences Centre


Research Interests

The Tocheva lab focuses on bridging the scales between individual proteins, macromolecular assemblies and neighboring cells. By applying new correlative fluorescence light microscopy (fLM) and cryo electron tomography (cryo-ET) we aim to generate much needed insight into the structure and function of major macromolecular assemblies such as the bacterial cell envelope, morphological changes due to stress responses, and DNA transfer and segregation machines.


The main areas of research in the lab are:


  1. Evolution of the outer membrane in bacteria
  2. Sporulation in Firmicutes and Actinobacteria
  3. Secretion systems in Mycobacteria
  4. Host-pathogen interactions
  5. Characterization of novel bacterial phyla