Financial Information

Payments to Vendors and Reimbursements

Paying a vendor requires using a Q requisition form and the following is required:
The original invoice and completed Q requisition form.

If the amounts are under $3,500.00, it will be acceptable to fill out the claim on a Q-requisition form.  However if the amount is over $3,500.00, a Purchase Order (PO) is required.

For UBC internal payments a Journal Voucher is used.
Backup documentation is required.  For example - print out of general ledger account, copy of P-card statement, copy of invoice, e-mails, etc.

For reimbursements to faculty, students or staff the following information is required:
Original receipts and a completed Q requisition form.

Note: All Travel related costs must be paid on a Travel Claim Form.

Journal Vouchers, Q Requisition Forms and Travel Claim Forms are all available from the Financial Services website or from the Admin office.

Financial Services Link 

All forms must have the proper signatures - see UBC Policy here.

Travel Expense Claims

Travel claims should be prepared as soon as travel is completed. Original receipts are required, UBC Internal Audit Department will not accept photocopies.  Providing only a copy of credit card statement is also NOT ACCEPTED by UBC Internal Audit Department. . Small receipts such as taxi claims  & meals should be taped to an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper for ease of copying.

Currently the reimbursement of mileage is at $ 0.49 cents per kilometer.

Per Diem Meal claims are currently reimbursed at the following rate: $60.00 Canadian per day, per diem rates of $14.00 for Breakfast, $16.00 for lunch and $ 30.00 for dinner. For those traveling within the United States (USA) the amount is $60.00 USD & outside of Canada & USA the amount is $60.00 USD or EURO.

Account Codes

Chartfield of Accounts   Account codes for filling in requisition & journal voucher forms



Dear UBC Faculty and Staff,

To help prevent delays at the border, UBC Financial Operations would like to update our list of UBC individuals who are coordinating international shipments to campus.   To build that list we are asking that all Grant holders complete and submit the form contained within the hyperlink below.

Also, to reduce customs clearance issues we have created a Word document which outlines what should appear on all shipments, as required by  Canadian Border Service Agency and UBC’s broker, Livingston. Please read over the document and share with your research groups or laboratories.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

Thank you for your time and help in this matter.

Financial Operations UBC

5th Floor – TEF3

6190 Agronomy Road, Vancouver, BC  Canada V6T 1Z3