Life Sciences Centre


If you see fire/smoke:

  1. Activate the fire alarm
  2. Alert others and move everyone away from the area of the fire, closing doors behind you
  3. If it is safe to do so, use a fire extinguisher on small fires only (waste basket sized). Use the correct type of extinguisher!

When a fire alarm is activated:

  1. Evacuate the building and proceed to your emergency meeting location
  2. NOTE: All fire alarms MUST be treated as a real emergency! At UBC, failure to evacuate during a fire alarm may result in job termination!
  3. Never open a closed door without first checking it for heat – if the door is hot DO NOT open it! If it is not hot, open it slowly, standing behind to one side, and be prepared to close it quickly if a fire is present
  4. Use the stairway, proceeding down to the ground floor, never up.
    Never use an elevator during a fire alarm evacuation.
  5. Once outside, proceed to the predetermined area so that a head count can be taken. Find out the location of your predetermined area before a fire occurs.

If trapped in a room due to fire:

  1. BLOCK smoke from entering by placing damp cloth material around /under doors
  2. RETREAT, closing as many doors as possible between yourself the fire
  3. SIGNAL your location – phone 911 and give the fire department your exact location. If this is not possible, be prepared to signal from a window. Do not open or break a window unless absolutely necessary – outside smoke may be drawn in

Wesbrook Building

Wesbrook Safety Manual

Wesbrook Building Emergency Response Plan (2015)