MBIM Major

Students can apply for a declaration of the MBIM program in second year by choosing the MBIM major when the Faculty of Science asks students to submit requests for program specialization but that declaration only indicates your intent to specialize in those programs.
Final acceptance to the MBIM programs depends on successful completion of the third year MICB 322 course. Entry into this course is based on academic merit and availability of space. The space in this course is limited to 80 new students each year. There are online application forms available here. Reserved admission is required to enroll in the courses.

Preference for enrollment in MICB 322 and MICB 323 is given to third-year students but fourth year students can request permission to enroll if they were taking the second year prerequisite courses or they took third year courses and had grade averages above 80% in four relevant third year courses such as BIOC 302, BIOL 335 or any third year MICB course. This grade limitation means that third year students who are not enrolled in MICB 322 and 323 should select electives that allow them to choose an alternate program in case space is still not available when they enter fourth year.
With appropriate course selection in second year, students should be able to meet all the prerequisites for both a Microbiology program and an alternate Life Science program such as Cell Biology and Genetics, General Biology or Integrated Sciences.

If fourth year students were taking the second year prerequisites then they should submit the online application form. If they were taking the relevant third year courses, they should send an application to the undergraduate program advisor in the department of Microbiology and Immunology.