BIOL 112 “ Biology of the Cell” Information

Biology 112 Registration Information

BIOL 112 “Biology of the Cell” Information  


Course calendar description: The principles of cellular and molecular biology using bacterial and eukaryotic examples.

BIOL 112 is offered by Departments of Botany, Zoology and Microbiology and Immunology. 


Winter Session Registration

Students must register for one lecture section (3-hour lecture per week). 

Term 1:

Sec 101 = MWF (Mon/Wed/Fri) at 9 am – 9:50 am

Sec 102 = MWF at 12 pm – 12:50 pm*

Sec 103 = MWF at 2 pm – 2:50 pm

Sec 104 = TR (Tues/Thurs) at 11 am – 12:20 pm.


Term 2:

Sec 202 = MWF at 2 pm – 2:50 pm (1 hr)

Sec 203 = TR (Tues/Thurs) at 11 am – 12:20 pm (1.5 hrs)


Summer Session

Term 1 of summer session: May – June.


Prerequisites - BIOL 112 students are required to have a background in both Biology and Chemistry.

Biology: minimum Bi 11 (i.e. Bi 11 and/or Bi 12) or UBC BIOL 111 or equivalent


Chemistry: CHEM 12 or UBC CHEM 100 or UBC CHEM 111 or equivalent.

Note: the chemistry prerequisite is strictly enforced.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Prerequisite Warning 

The UBC registration system does not always recognize all prerequisites from all institutions.  If a registration warning appears and has indicated you do not have the correct prerequisites AND you do, please proceed to register.  This is a warning and will not prevent you from proceeding.


IF you lack the appropriate prerequisites and register anyway, you may be de-registered later. 


IF you are unsure if your course(s) satisfy the prerequisites, please email the course coordinator


It is the responsibility of each student to ensure they have the appropriate prerequisites.


Registration Seat/Space Availability

All seats (i.e. available spaces) in all sections of BIOL 112 are designated in one of 3 different categories:


·      Restricted Seats = “reserved” spaces for all groups of students.

We “reserve” spaces for students in specific degree programs and years.  The reason we do this is to ensure that all students in all programs have an opportunity to register in the course.


See this table to help you interpret the descriptions. The online student service course schedule can be confusing while interpreting the Seat Summary. 

If you are a student:

Restricted Seats are described as (in the online calendar):

1st year students in the Faculty of Science

e.g. BSc degree programs

in one of these programs: BSC in one of these faculties: SCIE in year: =1


·      1st year students in a faculty other than the Faculty of Science


e.g. BSF, BSAG, BKIN, BSFN, BA etc


not in any of these faculties: SCIE in year: =1


·      2nd year and above students in any faculty


in year: >=2



·      Standard Timetable Seats

These seats are designated for students who are registered in a specific program.  Some examples are the Coordinated Science Program.

·      General Seats

General seats MAY be available AFTER all the restricted seats are filled.  General seats can be filled by any student regardless of year and/or faculty. Since seats are initially designated as reserved/restricted.



Seats/spaces that are not taken by these categories will be released as general seats later in the summer after ALL students have their first opportunity to register!



What if the section of your choice is full?

BIOL 112 has waitlists on the course registration for all sections.


Waitlist for this section is named:













921 (summer)



Section of your choice is full?


1. Register into the designated waitlist for that section.

For example: students who want to get into section 101 in term 1, MWF at 9 am MUST register on the waitlist 1W1.


Note: once you register into a waitlist, you are unable to register for any of course at that time.


 2. Register into another section that may have space and can fit your timetable.


You can keep checking over the summer to see if a seat in your preferred section becomes available later.  In September, you can then see the coordinator, Karen Smith, to request a section change, if needed.


3. All waitlists are full.

Throughout the summer, students may be moved from the waitlisted section to that corresponding lecture section. Spaces on the waitlist may then become available.


NOTE:  The waitlist for each section does not guarantee a space.

IF you register in waitlist 1W3 you will be placed in lecture section 103 when a seat becomes available. 


·      Students will NOT be notified if they have been placed in the section of their choice. Please check your registration periodically.

·      Please remove your name from the waitlist if you no longer wish to register in BIOL 112.

·      Once you have been moved from the waitlist to a BIOL 112 section, you will be responsible for dropping the course if you no longer wish to remain in BIOL 112.

Please note the UBC calendar description:

Some courses have wait list sections, which you can register in, if all regular sections are full. Students registered in a wait list section should check their registration regularly as some faculties may move students into a regular section as space becomes available without specifically notifying the student. Registration in a waitlist section does not guarantee a space in a regular section of the course.


See Contacts below.



All considerations for BIOL 112 exemptions must be forwarded to Karen Smith.  Requests must be sent via e-mail or in person (or by your Faculty advising office).


Note:  Students may be asked to provide transcripts, course outlines and course notes.  Students with experience in introductory microbiology and cell biology are potential candidates for exemptions.  Courses that are exclusively eukaryotic cell biology, evolution and ecology usually do not qualify for an exemption.



Contact Information

Karen Smith

BIOL 112 Course Coordinator



Craig Kornak

Undergraduate Program Assistant