The Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of British Columbia provides a stimulating environment in which to pursue a graduate or undergraduate research program. Our faculty is internationally recognized for contributions in microbiology, molecular biology and immunology. Students will have the opportunity to experience the most up to date molecular approaches to the study of problems in microbiology and immunology.



  • Monday, October 31, 2022
    M&I Staff Celebrate 25+ year milestones in the department
    This year, May Dang Lawson, Gilly Veniegas and John Nomellini celebrated milestone work anniversaries in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology.
  • Monday, October 24, 2022
    Maria Tokuyama receives MSFHR Scholar Award for research program on endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) and their impact or influence on immune responses
    The MSFHR Scholar Award supports early-career health researchers who are building leading-edge health research programs, training the next generation of scientists, and making significant contributions to their field.
  • Thursday, October 13, 2022
    UBC-BCIT Biotechnology program celebrates 20 years!
    On October 6, 2022, the UBC-BCIT Biotechnology program celebrated its 20+ year anniversary in the Life Sciences Institute at UBC.


  • Haney Lab
    The ColR/S two-component system is a conserved determinant of host association across Pseudomonas species
  • Hancock Lab
    BosR: A novel biofilm-specific regulator in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Horwitz Lab
    β-Cell Cre Expression and Reduced Ins1 Gene Dosage Protect Mice From Type 1 Diabetes



Exit Seminar - The Gut Microbiota in Parkinson’s Disease

Tuesday, December 6, 2022 - 12:30pm Mihai Cirstea
PhD Candidate, Finlay lab


Seminar - Gut Microbiome Industrialization and the Rise of Chronic Inflammatory Disease

Tuesday, December 13, 2022 - 12:30pm Justin L. Sonnenburg
Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology; Center for Human Microbiome Studies, Stanford University